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NetRev Digital will help you grow your online Net Revenues through Best Practice Digital Marketing

NetRev Digital

NetRev Digital helps brands optimise their online performance. We have only one focus and that is to grow your Net Revenue. We define Net Revenue as your Gross Revenues less the cost of revenue acquisition i.e. marketing and advertising costs.

Your business is probably spending money currently on marketing and advertising. Do you know how much business this activity bring in and what kind of return are you getting. Is the ratio of revenue to costs 15:1? 10:1? In other words for every €1 spent on advertising and marketing are you generating €10 or €15 in Sales?

NetRev helps businesses to navigate the digital space and maximise the return on their marketing and advertising expenditure. We have a processes in place to achieve your objectives.

NetRev Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

When answering the question of “What is the purpose of your website” sometimes businesses refer to promoting their brand or providing information to the public or stakeholders etc. These reasons have merit but NetRev Digital’s view is that the PRIMARY purpose of your website is to generate extra business i.e. revenue and sales.

Once the primary purpose of your business’s website is agreed, it follows that a business will want a website that maximises revenues and sales. To maximise your Net Revenue from your digital activity it is important to understand that the conversion of an internet browser into a customer involves a customer journey. The typical journey might look like this:

Typical Customer Journey

  • In Google/Bing a customer searches for a Service or Product usually in a certain location e.g. solicitor or bicycle in say, Dublin or Cork.

  • The Google/Bing result displays some Ads and some ‘Organic’ search results. He/She will usually not go beyond the first results page and will click on one of the Ads or Organic results.

  • He/she will then land on the business’s home page or on a specially designed Landing Page.

  • He/she will browse the page/website and decide to either move away and continue his/her search elsewhere or to ‘convert’ on the website e.g. by selecting a call to action like email/phone/signup/visit/buy.

  • Conversions vary from industry to industry and from business to business.

  • From the above customer journey it is possible to track the digital progress of the typical customer to discern what parts of the customer experience is working well and what parts are not working so well. Ultimately we can tell what the business’s Return on their Advertising Spend (ROAS) is.

As can be seen from the typical online customer journey, successful conversion depends on each part of the customer journey working effectively. If there is a breakdown at some point, the customer will not convert.

The NetRev Digital Process

To help businesses get the most return from their digital spend, NetRev follows a proven process:

Step 1. :  We review both your current digital spend and digital performance i.e. your website and PPC campaigns (if any).

Step 2. :  Your Website will be optimised for conversion performance e.g. keywords review, blogging, content review

Step 3. :  Marketing activity is commenced e.g. SEO and PPC campaigns and budgets where appropriate

Step 4. : Your Digital Marketing analytics will be monitored and we will adjust either the website or marketing activity as necessary to improve performance.

Step 5. : Regular client performance and revenue reports are generated detailing the relevant metrics and providing the client with insights and information on progress.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Make your website work harder for you through organic search

Pay Per Click Advertising

Using Google Ads and Bing paid advertising you can reach your target audience

Custom Website Design

Create the perfect online experience for your potential customer

Social Media Marketing

Promote your product on channels like Facebook and Instagram

Analytics and Reporting

NetRev will provide updates on key KPIs on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis