Analytics and Reporting

NetRev removes the headache of digital marketing while giving you full control over the process through transparent Analytics and Reporting

Partnership Benefits and Pricing

NetRev wishes to partner with businesses for the long term. We know digital marketing can appear daunting at the outset, however, we can assure you that compared to traditional marketing and advertising, digital marketing is very transparent. You will see where every euro has been spent and, through website and google analytics, you can trace your customer activities to reveal where your marketing spend has been effective and where it has been disappointing. We will provide you with informative and transparent weekly and monthly reports that demonstrate the results of our activities. These reports will keep you aware of developments and how your digital marketing spend is performing.

In the past you may have placed adverts in the local newspaper and in doing so you didn’t try to master mass printing techniques or graphic design and the same outsourcing logic also applies to digital marketing. NetRev removes the headache of digital marketing while giving you full control over the process through transparent Analytics and Reporting. It is possible to do it yourself but time and effort distracts you from your core business duties. We have developed an efficient, headache free model that allows us to partner with you to achieve your goals in a very transparent way.

The way we work is that we first get to understand your business goals and objectives as this will help us to recommend an appropriate digital marketing strategy to achieve these objectives.

We understand that a business might be coy or reluctant to say how much it would be willing to spend to acquire a new customer. Naturally clients will say ‘the very minimum’. Each business is different and the amount they are willing to spend to acquire a new customer may be very different. The amount you are willing to spend to capture a new customer is the same whether we are involved or not. Our fees will be included in this Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) figure.

Below is a simple illustration of how different businesses may be prepared to spend different amounts of money to acquire customers.

Analytics and Reporting - NetRev Digital Marketing ad Hotel Services

Business A sells high value cars whereas Business B sells relatively lower value items of clothing, and finally Business C sells professional services with medium level pricing. Their respective sales and marketing budgets differ because of the margins they earn and therefore each business is willing to pay different amounts to acquire new customers.

The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) budget equates to the maximum Digital Marketing budget a business is prepared to pay. Digital Marketing costs include the cost of building the business’s website (if necessary), optimizing the website from a search engine perspective, NetRev’s fee and finally the cost of digital advertising on say Google or Facebook.

NetRev will work with you to establish an appropriate customer acquisition strategy and budget. Our pricing includes the whole digital customer journey from the search engines through to your website and on to customer conversion. We will ensure each component part is as robust as it should be to maximise customer conversions. Our monthly fee will be included in your overall customer acquisition budget and we are happy to be judged on our performance.

If you would like to discuss your digital marketing needs please see our contact details below.

Search Engine Optimisation

Make your website work harder for you through organic search

Pay Per Click Advertising

Using Google Ads and Bing paid advertising you can reach your target audience

Custom Website Design

Create the perfect online experience for your potential customer

Social Media Marketing

Promote your product on channels like Facebook and Instagram

Analytics and Reporting

NetRev will provide updates on key KPIs on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis