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NetRev Hotels has one clear focus and that is to grow your Net Revenue. We combine the best available technology with many years of experience to smash through your Sales targets.

NetRev Hotels Digital Marketing
NetRev Hotels Revenue Management
NetRev Hotels Partnership Benefits

Digital Marketing

A hotel may have built an attractive website with nice imagery and branding but unless the website is driving business to the hotel, you might ask what its purpose is. Many businesses, not just hotels, put a big effort into building a good website but then don’t put the necessary effort into promoting it.

An effective website is organic in nature and will constantly evolve as technology and tastes change. The best website managers are constantly testing and retesting their website to see if it can perform better. It will have KPIs to achieve e.g. traffic and conversion rates.

Landing pages also play is big part in determining if Option A attracted more conversions than Option B. This split testing approach tests and retests the performance of the website until it becomes a major driver of business.
Then…they improve it again.

Revenue Management

Here at NetRev we have only one goal, and that is to increase your hotel’s Net Revenue (Online Rooms Revenue less commissions and advertising costs).

In addition to Digital Marketing, NetRev will help you to take back control of your Channel Management.

We provide a full service solution where we use the above software and channel solutions in a blended approach specific to the setup of your particular hotel. We are agnostic on the various internet booking engines (IBEs) as they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

NetRev will work with whatever IBE you have in place and integrate it with the most appropriate software and OTA and Meta channels to maintain and grow your volumes but in such a way as to increase your Net Revenue.

Partnership Benefits

Hotels are not technology companies. Unfortunately it is a reality of the modern world that technology has encroached upon most business sectors and disrupted their business models. Few industries have undergone such rapid change as the hotel industry.  Sites such as and Expedia have emerged in the last 20 years and in that relatively short timeframe have grown exponentially to the point where they now dominate the online hotel landscape.

NetRev is a digital partner with a difference.  We are from the hotel industry and know the challenge hoteliers face. We have built a team of specialists across the various digital disciplines.

NetRev wishes to partner with its clients for the long term and has developed a fee structure that ensures the objectives of the hotel and NetRev are one and the same.

NetRev Hotels

Channel Management

Managing your online distribution channels and reach a global audience without risking overbookings

OTA Management

NetRev Hotels will ensure that your presence on each OTA is maximised

Hotel Review Software

Manage your hotel reputation and help improve your onsite effectiveness

Conversion Rate Optimsation

We have a systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who will book online

Analytics & Reporting

NetRev will provide updates on key KPIs on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis

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