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Reputation and Review

Reputation and review management is one of the key elements of sales conversion. Potential customers tend to consult the various review sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter as well as industry specific review websites like Tripadvisor.

It can be difficult to manage and respond to all the reviews across the different platforms. NetRev can help you manage this area and turn it into a positive experience for customers. Automatic new review alerts allow you to respond to negative reviews instantly to solve problems before they become problems.

The solution NetRev offers allows you to actively seek positive reviews, communicate live with customer complaints and respond quickly to negative reviews across the various platforms all from one dashboard.

Our hotel review software allows you to auto-promote your best reviews from across the web to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Using our review widget, you can showcase all your reviews and ratings neatly on your business website. Use customer testimonials to convert more site visitors into customers.

Reviews are the online version of ‘word of mouth’ and equally as important. Businesses that manage this area well can consequently improve their ratings and subsequently their revenues.

Review Software Features include:

Customer Sentiment
Monitor overall customer sentiment (positive, neutral & negative) by date.
Visually chart customer sentiment about your client’s brand as it changes over time. Track positive, neutral and negative reviews by day, week or month. Show customers exactly how their audience felt about their brand at any specific point in time.

Ratings Over Time
Track average ratings and graph historical ratings so you can see your progress

Individual Reviews
Monitor new reviews right from the dashboard. With the proliferation of review sites, monitoring both positive and negative reviews in a timely manner can be a full time job. Our reporting dashboard makes it easy to manage and react to reviews at scale. See every review, from every site, and react in seconds.

Holistic Reporting
Standalone reports + cross-channel reports with all of your marketing channels.

Local Search Tools
The system even knows your hotel’s business listings (Name, Address and Phone) consistent across 50+ sites and directories so search engines and customers can find you easily.

Social Media Tools
If you are having problems staying active on social media, the system even provides Social Publishing. You can post to multiple social media channels at once, and schedule posts ahead of time.

And much more…

Review Software for Hotels - keep checking your hotel reviews with our Hotel Review Software

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Here at NetRev Hotels we have only one goal – to increase your hotel’s Net Revenue

Hotel Online Reputation & Review Software

Manage your hotel reputation and help improve your onsite effectiveness

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